Layer3 TV Launches in La La Land

Next-gen cable op adds Los Angeles to TV service footprint
layer3 TV UI.jpg

Layer3 TV, the self-described next-generation cable operator, has begun to offer pay TV service in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times

At last check, the Layer3 TV web site notes that service is “coming soon” to Los Angeles when one inputs a zip code from the L.A. area to check for service, but Layer3 TV is indeed offering a full bundle of TV services across the city starting at $89 per month, Multichannel News has learned. 

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Layer3 TV will be taking on incumbent MSOs such as Charter Communications and Cox Communications in the area, as well as satellite players like DirecTV and Dish Network, not to mention a new breed of OTT TV players like Sling TV and DirecTV Now and ones on the horizon from YouTube and Hulu.

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Layer3 TV has also launched service in the Chicago and Washington, D.C., metro areas, and is also offering service in Longmont,  Colo., in partnership with a municipal-owned provider called NextLight. The company also has plans to launch service in its home town of Denver.

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Jeff Binder, Layer3 TV’s CEO, recently tweeted that Layer3 TV’s service is available to 13 million homes, meaning it’s likely that more launch announcements are in queue.

He told the paper that the average Layer3 TV sub watches seven hours of TV on the service per day.