Learning To Listen Up

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There are several reasons clients become frustrated with sales people, but none is more annoying than when a sales person doesn’t listen to what the client really wants, according Kelley Robertson, author of The Secrets of Power Selling and a columnist with Sales and Marketing Management.

“I remember one interaction I had with a couple of salespeople a few years ago. One of them asked some great questions to learn more about my particular situation,” Robertson said. “However, his counterpart did not listen to my responses. As a result, his solution did not address my business challenges and buying requirements. In fact, his presentation was so far off base, I abruptly called an end to the meeting. Time is a precious commodity for people and when you don't listen you disrespect your prospect.”

Robertson outlines back-to-basic solutions at www.managesmarter.com/msg/content_display/sales/e3iadb60bbfae240bb7144eb1490c108da7.