Leddy: A Marketer and a Technologist


Winner: Chairman's Award

No executive has done more to meld the ideals and business goals of marketing and technology than Time Warner Cable senior vice president of strategy and development Kevin Leddy, according to CTAM chairman Dave Watson. And because of his efforts, Watson has awarded Leddy the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing’s Chairman’s Award.

“Kevin Leddy’s leadership of CTAM is legendary, but his most important contribution is forging a productive partnership between the marketers and technologists,” said Watson, who also serves as Comcast’s executive vice president of operations. “He foresaw the explosion of new products and got CTAM on track to assist the industry growth.”

Ten years ago, marketers didn’t even have a seat at the table when it came to developing new products, CTAM president and CEO Char Beales said. But Leddy knew that marketers needed to have a voice when it came to creating and selling new products if they were to be successful. “Kevin brought both sides of the business together,” she said.

In addition to holding various CTAM board positions over the years including serving as its chairman in 2002, Leddy spearheaded a technology seminar program for the organization’s members and he developed a partnership with CableLabs Inc.

“CTAM needs to strengthen the bridge between marketing and engineering, so we’re going to work much more closely with CableLabs,” he said during the 2002 CTAM Summit. Over 1,000 industry executives have gone through the association’s tech courses “so they can talk the technology language and understand it,” Beales said.

That’s exactly what Leddy does everyday. His job is to look into the future and predict competitive threats and how to overcome them. He has been closely involved in the development and rollout of several high-tech products including the plug-and-play agreement with the consumer electronics industry. Indeed, CTAM recognized his work on that project by awarding him the Vanguard Award for Marketing in 2003.

Leddy testified in 2004 before Congress urging the government to maintain a stable regulatory environment to allow cable companies to continue investing the money needed to offer consumers a string of new digital offerings.

“We need to borrow a lot of money to keep the cable industry moving, and lenders like a stable regulatory environment,” Leddy said in testimony before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet.

Leddy began his cable career at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association in 1977, where he handled government relations. He left to go back to school, but reentered the cable arena in 1980, working in Warner Amex Cable Communication’s franchising department and later moving into marketing. He soon realized cable’s digital product didn’t stand up to what the satellite providers were offering and worked with Time Warner Cable’s technology gurus to collectively create competitive products, packages and services.

“Kevin is definitely a marketer who has become a technologist,” Beales said.