Letter To The Editor: CBS Cable: They Still Dont Get It


To the editor:

The last time I checked, cable operators still had the right to determine the content of their channel lineups (see "CMT Makes Fuss Over Switch Out," Multichannel News, 4-20-98, p. 1).

What this action tells me is that CBS hasn't learned a thing since "Midnight at the Oasis," better known as the "Debacle in the Desert."

Their retaliation tactics are just plain wrong. Sure, you can let the market know how you feel and encourage your viewers to maketheir opinions known and heard, and you can publicly lobby to be returned -- but underwriting a campaign to switch out? Two words: bad form.

And another thing: Coaxial [Communications] isn't just a top 50 MSO -- it is my partner in TeleSynergy alongwith 10 other companies that, combined, serve more than 5 million cable customers. Attacking them is attacking us, and we don't like being attacked one bit.

Come on, Lloyd [Lloyd Werner, EVP, sales and marketing, CBS Cable], wake up and smell the First Amendment! Program your network;make your pitch negotiate, negotiate, negotiate; and at the end of the day, live with your decision.

Lou Borrelli
Marcus Cable