Letter To the Editor: Third Time a Charm?


To the Editor:

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction, onceagain, with the way that Multichannel News handled my involvement in the "Geta Modem … Go to Jail" article that ran in both the Feb. 1 and 8 editions.

What does it take to get accuracy here? Let me tell yourreaders for myself: I did not flatly state, "Our company has nothing to do withvideo," as you incorrectly reported in the Feb. 1 edition. What I did say was,"Our company doesn't handle video, but let me give you a contact and a phonenumber of an executive who can help you at Comcast."

In your follow-up reprint, I also did not say, "It wasa local problem, and not a national problem," as you incorrectly paraphrased.

Your actions, very simply, were inaccurate and notobjective -- and not what I've come to expect from a publication that I onceconsidered the most important industry read.

In fact, your mishandling of my statements has maligned meprofessionally, and I am both furious and discouraged by it. One of the golden rules ofsuccessful public relations is to not point fingers when problems arise. I live by thataxiom.

@Home Network and its MSO partners are bound to encounter"growing pains," especially as this important new revenue category really takesoff. It would be silly to think that any of us have had the foresight to prepare for everypossible wrinkle that arises.

However, when problems do arise, we will go out of our wayto diligently ensure that they are resolved to the mutual satisfaction of everyoneinvolved.

I can only hope that Multichannel News will applythe same level of diligence.

Matt Wolfrom
@Home Network