Bob and Kay Belonged On List of 'Leaders'

To the Editor:

[Regarding “Leaders of the Pack” in Multichannel News's 25th anniversary special issue, Aug. 29]: For such a young publication, I think your memory is lacking.

Your list of leaders is certainly impressive and all are very deserving of recognition, but I feel there is one glaring omission — Bob Rosencrans, UA-Columbia Cablevision.

As a cable operator, UA-Columbia was an early leader in two-way plant design and construction, the use of AM and FM microwave to expand system footprints in suburban and urban areas and developed local news and entertainment programming to establish strong community bonds. In the programming arena, he had a number of firsts that the industry still benefits from today — the first cable system to receive programming via satellite (Home Box Office's “Thrilla in Manilla”); the first regional sports network, Madison Square Garden Network, which spawned USA Network (UA-Columbia Satellite Services); and a series of major-league sports contracts that were firsts for cable.

Bob gave Black Entertainment Television its first satellite home when the network was just a dream of Bob Johnson. He wrote the first check to Brian Lamb to start C-SPAN. Along the way he mentored dozens of executives in and out of our industry, leading by example with strong business ethics, vision and compassion. At one time or another he chaired just about every industry committee and has received every industry award.

Come to think of it, one of Bob's early “discoveries” should also be on your list — Kay Koplovitz. I think Gerry would welcome her addition to your Boys' Club.

Louis A. Borrelli Jr. Chief Executive Officer NEP Broadcasting, LLC