Levin Leaves A Wealthy Man


AOL Time Warner Inc. CEO Gerald Levin will have ample opportunity to contribute to philanthropic causes after he retires from the company in May, with a fortune of more than $600 million.

According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Levin's compensation totaled more than $163 million last year alone: a $1 million salary, a $10 million bonus and exercised stock options worth $152.6 million.

According to SEC documents, Levin also holds 2.65 million shares of AOL Time Warner stock valued at about $92 million and options for another 9.1 million shares worth $315 million, based on last Thursday's close of $34.75 per share.

Levin also would receive the proceeds from a trust AOL Time Warner has set up for him — called the Rabbi Trust in SEC documents — valued at about $30 million.

In addition, when he retires Levin is entitled to an annual pension of $365,000; will receive a life insurance policy worth $6 million; and will retain all of his health benefits.

Levin also could sign on as an advisor to AOL Time Warner for $1 million a year.