Liao Says ‘Ciao’ to CableLabs

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Paul Liao, the former Panasonic executive
recruited to run CableLabs in the hopes of strengthening
cable’s ties with the consumer-electronics industry, will
leave the R&D consortium in 2012.

CableLabs last Friday said Liao
informed the consortium’s executive
committee the week of Oct.
3 in New York that he will not renew
his contract as CEO when it
expires in December 2012 “due to
personal reasons.”

Liao, who took the helm at CableLabs
in July 2009, previously
was Panasonic’s chief technology

One of his mandates at Cable-
Labs was to foster a more rapid
pace of innovation for cable
technology and harness the
energy driving Silicon Valley
companies. On this front, Liao
recently established CableLabs’
first office in San Francisco.

During his tenure, the cable
industry has built inroads into
consumer technology, with many operators developing
services to deliver cable programming to tablets, smartphones,
connected TVs, game consoles and other devices.
But the broader transition to Internet protocol-based video
has happened outside of CableLabs’ purview.

The CableLabs executive committee has initiated a
search for a new CEO. Liao will continue as CableLabs
president and CEO during the transition.

Liao replaced Dick Green, who had served as CEO from
CableLabs’ inception in 1988 until his 2009 retirement.

“Although Paul has been with
CableLabs for a relatively short
period of time, his contributions
have been great and include establishing
new programs that
are helping the industry grow
its broadband and commercial
businesses, as well as drive cable’s
ability to provide services to
smart CE devices using IP technology,”
Glenn Britt, Time Warner
Cable chairman and CEO
and chairman of the CableLabs
board, said in a statement.

Sources said Liao was looking
to retire from day-to-day work to
pursue other activities.

Liao, in a statement provided by
CableLabs, said: “I’ve felt truly honored
to be working with a tremendous
group of people, both
at CableLabs and throughout the cable industry … I remain
fully committed to the team at CableLabs and will
support the eff orts of the board in its search for my successor.”