Liberate Passes S-A Apps Test


Interactive-TV-systems provider Liberate Technologies passed the test and
will now be able to port its software onto Scientific-Atlanta Inc.'s digital
set-top-box systems.

Liberate completed S-A's application assessment for its 'Connect Suite'
server software and its 'TV Navigator Micro 1.0' client software, and the
products can now ride on S-A's 'Explorer' digital boxes and interactive-network

'Validation of Liberate on S-A simplifies the deployment of standards-based
content and services, said Chris Bowick, senior vice president of engineering
and chief technical officer for Cox Communications Inc.

'As we look to deploy interactive services across multiple set-tops, we need
a platform we know is fail-safe delivering across our cable systems,' Bowick

Meanwhile, S-A achieved two milestones of its own.

First, it announced that it has shipped more than 38,000 Explorer '3100HD'
set-top boxes to six North American cable operators in the first full quarter of
the box's production. As the name implies, the unit includes a
high-definition-TV tuner.

S-A also announced its new 'xOD' application, which allows customers to
navigate through various video-on-demand, subscription-VOD and other on-demand
content on Explorer boxes using the built-in 'SARA' digital navigation