Lifetime, Launch ‘Talking Dictionary’


As part of a new initiative launched Tuesday by (
) in partnership with Lifetime Television, women can hear celebrities describe in regular, understandable language some 500 complex medical terms associated with the disease and its treatment.

More than 40 celebrities have lent their voices to "Celebrity Talking Dictionary," which gives women the words they need to understand their breast-cancer diagnosis and ask for the best treatments available.

Visitors can go to Lifetime’s Web site (
) to link to to hear Courteney Cox define sentinel lymph-node dissection, Celine Dion explain carcinoma in situ, or Ann Curry describe selective estrogen-receptor modulators.

"Women and their families need to have access to helpful information to enable them to get through a heavy and tough diagnosis. is the premiere place to get that information, and the talking dictionary is essential to this support for women," Lifetime vice president of public affairs Mary Dixon said in a prepared statement. also plans to produce a CD that will include all of the celebrities' voices. The CDs will be distributed to health-care providers, which can share them with their patients.