Lifetime Buys Into Digital Transmission


Lifetime Television is set to go digital, announcing that it has bought into
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.'s "PowerVu" digital-video-compression gear and plans to
shift over its programming transmission from analog starting this fall.

The women's programming network will deploy the "PowerVu Program Receiver" as
part of the new encoding system, scheduled to come online in July. Lifetime has
also arranged with S-A to allow its affiliates to buy additional digital
receivers for backup.

The new digital-encoding system includes PowerVu encoders, statistical
multiplexers, modulators and "Network Center" management software.

Under the new digital-transmission scheme, Lifetime's program-origination
uplink in New York will send feeds to the new PowerVu digital-encoding system
located at Ascent Media Group Inc.'s Northvale, N.J., facility.

In July, the network plans to begin a 45-day analog/digital
simulcast-transition period, and during that time, Lifetime's West Coast
affiliates can make the conversion.

"We needed a state-of-the-art, high-availability transmission system that
could be scaled up as our needs grow. The features of the PowerVu receiver and
the user-friendly PowerVu Network Center hit the sweet spot for us," Lifetime
vice president George Krug said in a release.

"Scientific-Atlanta's Web-based `PowerVu Connect' program had particular
appeal to us for its potential to keep our labor costs under control while
helping to ease this transition for our West-feed affiliates," he