Lifetime Conducts Holiday Poll


Lifetime Television released the results of its “Every Day’s a Holiday” poll Tuesday.

Among highlights of the November survey of 506 women 18 and older, conducted by ICR:

• 78% would rather kiss Brad Pitt than Vince Vaughn under the mistletoe.

• As far as Demi Moore’s husbands, 68% of women would prefer smooching with Bruce Willis instead of Ashton Kutcher, although Kutcher was favored by women 18-34 (56%-44%), while women 35 and older overwhelmingly chose Willis (81%-19%).

• Respondents agreed with Katie Holmes’ choice of mates, with 75% opting for Tom Cruise over Chris Klein (American Pie).

• In the battle of the Wilsons, 53% picked Owen (Wedding Crashers) and 47% chose Luke (The Family Stone).

• In 2006, 58% of respondents want more money, 36% want more time for themselves and only 6% want more sex.

• Romantic dinners (69%) topped Apple Computer Inc. “iPods” (27%) on respondents’ wish lists.

• A day-long shopping spree (58%) won out over an “intimate night with the man of their dreams” (38%).

• 65% of women find the holidays one of “the most fun times of the year,” while 26% find it one of the most stressful.