Lifetime Conducts Workplace Poll


Lifetime Television released the results of its latest “Lifetime Women’s Pulse” poll in conjunction with the June 30 nationwide theatrical release of The Devil Wears Prada.

According to the poll, three times more women would rather work for a man, with Bill Gates (38%) topping the list of ideal male bosses and Donald Trump not faring as well (8%). Oprah Winfrey (58%) was the preferred woman boss by a wide margin.

As far as honesty in the workplace, nearly 40% of respondents said they play computer games. Other “offenses” included pocketing office supplies for home use (37%); e-mailing or telling politically incorrect jokes (31%); shopping online for personal goods (30%); or making personal long-distance phone calls (28%).

A vast majority of women (81%) said they liked their current job, but a majority would keep a lousy job if the pay were great (62%) or if it came with great perks, such as free merchandise or travel (58%).

Two-thirds of respondents said they liked their boss, but 38% would portray their boss as a villain in a movie.

A total of 919 surveys were completed on the network’s Web site by Lifetime viewers who have ever worked outside of their homes.