Lifetime, Family Circle Study Family Violence


Lifetime Television and Family Circle teamed up to study family violence.

The network and the magazine polled 1,013 adults nationally March 9-15.

The results, reported in the magazine’s June 14 issue, found that 92% of adults believe family violence is a much bigger problem than most people think and 89% regard it as a form of domestic terrorism.

According to the results, more women than men (83% vs. 67%) said there is no excuse for anyone ever hitting another person, and more women would be very upset to see a man mistreat a woman (94% vs. 81%) or an adult mistreat a child (90% vs. 75%).

But although men are somewhat more accepting of physical violence and don’t get as upset when they witness it, more men than women (33% vs. 25%) would try to intervene in a friendly way.

“Family violence is an issue that seems to be at an important tipping point, no longer shrouded in secrecy and shame,” Lifetime Entertainment Services executive vice president of public affairs Meredith Wagner said in a prepared statement.

“But this survey also shows that we still need to increase awareness and enlist more women and men to help stop all forms of violence,” she added. “As part of Lifetime’s ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ education and advocacy campaign and as Father’s Day approaches, we are proud to team up with Family Circle to debunk myths, share some helpful resources and hopefully encourage parents to talk to their kids.”