'Lifetime’ Mag Will Fold Up After October

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Hearst Magazines and The Walt Disney Co. pulled the plug on Lifetime Television’s expansion into the print world just 18 months after the debut of Lifetime magazine.

October will be the last issue for the women’s magazine with a circulation rate base of 600,000.

“While we are proud of the magazine’s successful launch, the translation into print was challenging given the current marketplace and did not yield the results we anticipated,” Hearst said in a statement.

While Lifetime has lost its ratings crown since the launch of the magazine — the channel has fallen from No. 1 the year before the March 2003 debut of the mag to No. 4 in primetime — Hearst spokeswoman Jessica Kleiman said ratings for the network didn’t hurt the publication.

“I don’t think one thing had anything to do with the other. For us, it didn’t catch fire with readers and advertisers as quickly as we anticipated. It’s a very saturated market in the lifestyle category,” Kleiman said.

Lifetime magazine’s total ad pages dropped from 64.61 in September 2003 to 59.47 pages in this month’s issue, according to Media Industry Newsletter.

Lifetime has launched two other brand extensions this year, Lifetime Radio for Women and Lifetime Home Entertainment.