Lifetime, nCube, Digitally Insert in Milwaukee


nCube Corp. and Lifetime announced the two companies are inserting local ad
avails in Lifetime Movie Network on the digital tier in Time Warner Cable's
Milwaukee system.

The two companies claim its the first deployment of digital ad insertion
using the DVS-253 cueing standard.

The DVS-253 standard defines cue mesages that notify insertion systems where
and how to insert digital advertising without analog cue equipment.

The industry developed the standard to generate more advertising revenue from
digital channels.

nCube said the new standard allows operators more easily adjust schedules to
accommodate sporting events or other live TV programming.

The standard also provides encryption and more accurate frame insertion,
allowing for higher quality ad spots.

In Milwaukee, Lifetime is using Scientific-Atlanta's PowerVu Plus D9210
advanced encoder to compress signals and inject DPI signaling based on cue
trigger inputs.