Lifetime Picks Harmonic For Web Video Encoding


Lifetime Networks will use Harmonic’s Rhozet Carbon Coder to transcode and package video content for Web-based distribution.

Lifetime delivers content through its own Web site,, Apple's iTunes Store, Yahoo and other outlets. The women’s network has deployed Rhozet Carbon Coder in a multinode "farm" configuration to deliver a video content in any format.

"We produce hundreds of hours of content each month, and bringing this content to Web customers is a key goal for us," Lifetime Entertainment director of enterprise media applications Carl Charleson said, in a statement. "We chose the Rhozet Carbon Coder transcoding farm because its performance, flexibility, expandability and cost-effectiveness make it possible for us to manage such a high volume of transcoding."

Harmonic acquired Rhozet last July for $15.5 million in cash and stock. Customers of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Rhozet included, CBS, ESPN, Motorola, MTV Networks, Sony, TiVo, Comcast's thePlatform and The Weather Channel.