Lifetime Poll Has Heart


Lifetime Television Thursday released the results of a “Lifetime Women’s Pulse Poll” about heart disease.

“The new poll shows a large window of opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of reducing risk factors of heart disease, to promote action that will significantly improve women’s heart health and to encourage conversation between patients and health care professionals,” the network said in a release.

Among the poll’s findings:

• Women are aware of the dangers of heart disease, as 54% correctly identified it as the leading cause of death among women, 43% correctly stated that women are more likely than men to die from it and 71% believe women exhibit different symptoms than men.

• Few women acknowledged their personal risk for heart disease, with 84% having one or more risk factors, 42% having three or more, but only 31% feeling that they are personally at risk.

• Women are being screened but not talking to their health care providers about risks: 80% of women said they’ve been screened for heart disease at least once in the past year, but only 30% reported that their health care provider initiated a conversation with them about their risk of heart disease and only 26% said they initiated a conversation with their health care provider.