Lifetime Poll: Still More Work to Do


A new Lifetime Television poll found some disturbing results about violence against women.

The survey was conducted online by The Michael Cohen Group Feb. 9-16 among 600 people aged 16-24 -- 50% female and 50% male.

Among the poll’s findings:

• Nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents believe violence against women -- defined as domestic violence; acts of sexual assault, such as rape; stalking; and verbal, physical and emotional abuse -- receives too little attention.

• Approximately seven in 10 women (77%) and men (64%) said they know or have known someone in an abusive relationship, and approximately six in 10 said they know a woman who has been sexually assaulted.

• Approximately nine out of 10 (87%) young women said they take special precautions to rarely or never walk alone after dark and nearly two-thirds (64%) said they think about what could happen if they leave a drink unattended.

• A majority (63%) named law enforcement as the first- or second-most-responsible for addressing the problem of gender violence, while more than one-third of respondents (36%) said Congress is either first- or second-most-responsible.

• When asked what they would do if they knew a friend or relative who was abusing a girlfriend or wife, 50% of all young men surveyed said they would say something to him about his abusive behavior, 66% said they’d be somewhat or very likely to report the abuse to the police, 74% of both men and women said they would urge the woman to get help and a majority of both women and men said they would not remain uninvolved.

The poll is part of Lifetime’s Emmy Award-winning campaign, “Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women.”