Lifetime, RealNetworks Target Women’s Gaming Niche


Lifetime Television extended its partnership with digital entertainment company RealNetworks to create “Lifetime Presents,” a series of downloadable games designed for women.

The series will feature new games each quarter, beginning Wednesday, July 25, with “Sally’s Salon.” Developed by Games Cafe and produced by RealNetworks, Sally’s Salon will allow players to direct title character Sally through a virtual beauty salon by performing beauty services, hiring employees and customizing services.

In select game titles, RealNetworks will also include embedded advertisements and enable video promotions for Lifetime programming.

Ad-enabled games give users play time in exchange for viewing contextual ads that appear between levels or during pauses. RealNetworks has reported more than 9 million ad-enabled game downloads in the past year.

Lifetime and RealNetworks first partnered in 2004 to offer downloadable games via RealArcade, a division of RealNetworks, also released “Lifetime Games,” a series of original games developed by Lifetime.