Lifetime Ties Into 10 Days


Lifetime Television announced Wednesday that it's coupling with Paramount
Pictures for a pre-Valentine's Day "Lost in Love" weekend stunt.

That weekend offering of eight romantic films will be co-hosted Feb. 8 and 9
by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, co-stars of Paramount romantic comedy
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which hits theaters Feb. 7.

The co-stars will introduce such movies as Splash and One True
, as well as clips from their new movie.

Lifetime pointed out in a press release that this is the latest in a series
of promo tie-ins with film studios.

The others included "Unsolved Mysteries: Catch Me If You Can Week,"
hosted by Tom Hanks and linked to his current film, Catch Me If You Can;
"Secret Lovers Sunday," hosted by Reese Witherspoon and tied to her movie
Sweet Home Alabama; and "Unsolved Mysteries: Unexplained Week," hosted by
Mel Gibson to promote his film Signs.