Linksys Links Into Cable-Modem Market


Add home-networking provider Linksys Group Inc. to the list of companies now
in the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification game.

The Irvine, Calif.-based company's 'EtherFast' modem won DOCSIS 1.0
certification in the latest testing round at Cable Television Laboratories Inc.,
and it has gained the system stamp of approval from Adelphia Communications
Corp., AT&T Broadband, Cable One Inc., Cablevision Systems Corp, Charter
Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc., Mediacom
Communications Corp. and Time Warner Cable.

The modem, which is DOCSIS 1.1-upgradable, will sell for $129.99.

The EtherFast modem has universal-serial-bus and Ethernet ports, the latter
of which can be used to link home-networking routers to share the Internet
connection between multiple computers.

Linksys is looking to the new modem to fill out its home-networking lineup,
which already includes network-interface cards, routers, switches and cabling
using Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, wireless, HomePNA and Powerline connection

Linksys estimated that it will ship about 1 million cable modems this

'The growth of broadband availability relies on complete end-to-end offerings
that include the modem and network-sharing hardware like routers and network
adapters,' vice president of business development and broadband services Janie
Tsao said in a release.

'The addition of the cable modem to our product line enables cable
subscribers to build their entire cable network on Linksys solutions,' Tsao
added. 'This is a major advantage for consumers, since all of their network
troubleshooting can be done with one phone call to Linksys (free of charge),
[and they can] feel confident that all of the hardware will be compatible for
simple setup.'

The company plans to introduce more modems and residential home-networking
gateways in the coming months.