Linksys Rolls Out Sharing Adapter


Cisco Systems Inc.’s Linksys unit is coming out with a new wireless
home-networking product that allows users to ship around digital music and
pictures to play on their TV and stereo systems.

Attached to a television or stereo unit, the $199 "Wireless B Media Adapter"
uses an 802.11b link to transfer audio and photo files from a customer’s
computer, displaying photos on the TV or playing music on the stereo.

The adapter can also work in a peer-to-peer mode, linking directly to a
wireless-enabled computer with no Internet service required.

The adapter supports MP3 and WMA music-file formats, and
it can be set to play songs individually, by directory or from a playlist file.
Linksys is working on a version that will support playlists from music-download
services including Rhapsody (
and Musicmatch Inc. (


On the photo side, the adapter supports common formats including JPEG and
bitmap for viewing on the television.