Linksys Unwraps Security-Minded Router


Broadband-networking provider Linksys Group Inc. has introduced a new
firewall and router that beefs up security for home and business users.

The Irvine, Calif.-based electronics provider has unveiled its new 'EtherFast
Cable/DSL' firewall router.

The new unit combines a four-port switch and a virtual-private-network
endpoint. It also employs stateful packet inspection, a scheme that examines
inbound requests from the Internet and scans them for unwanted intruders. In
doing so, it can protect networks from common attacks, including 'pings of
death,' Internet-protocol spoofing and denial-of-service actions.

The firewall router uses a single-chip design provided by Conexant Systems
Inc. that also adds security protection while handling 185 million instructions
per second.