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What is one of Comcast's solutions to fixing the mess at AT&T Broadband? Push power out into the field. AT&T is legendarily all about centralizing, consolidating the power to make all important and many unimportant decisions back at headquarters. Now that Comcast owns those systems, the giant MSO is pushing authority back out into the field, anticipating that giving local managers trust and flexibility will yield the best results.

So, despite the massive consolidation of the cable industry, systems still count. Maybe not as much as they did a decade ago, but systems are still making all kinds of decisions on pricing, technology deployment and which networks actually get launched (and whether they're on channel 6 or 236).

That's how we look at the 100
largest cable systems
: as a collection of decisionmakers. In our second annual report, we asked operators not just about the systems' physical operations but also about the local and regional managers who are making many of the calls. Here are those managers, along with the facts about where they came from and how to contact them.

This listing was compiled by freelance writer Alan Waldman.