Little Consumer Satisfaction For Cable/Satellite Calls Centers


Consumers ranked the service they get from call centers for cable and satellite companies worse than any other business, including U.S. government agencies, according to a survey released July 1 by CFI Group of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Based on responses from 22,000 online surveys by the firm, cable/satellite earned a score of 66 on its satisfaction scale, a decline from last year’s low score of 68. CFI Group is affiliated with the researchers that compile the American Consumer Satisfaction Index every year.

By comparison, the highest satisfaction score among call centers was for hotels, which received a 78 as an industry.

The cable/satellite call centers received the lowest scores in four of the five metrics scored in the survey, and the scores in each of those categories were down compared to the 2007 poll. The industry outscored PC help desks in “speaking in an understandable manner.” Consumers dunned cable/satellite call centers on courteousness, knowledge, their perceived interest in helping callers with their problems and on effectiveness in resolving problems.

Providers were not ranked by company, but Sheri Teodoru, CEO of CFI Group, said Comcast Corp. “was one of the lower-performing companies in the measurement. DirecTV Inc. “was actually a star,” she added, stating the direct-broadcast satellite company scored much better than average in the poll (Teodoru noted that DirecTV is a client of CFI Group).