‘Little People’ Goes Big in Fourth Season


Little People, Big World returns to TLC’s primetime lineup Monday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET with a one-hour special, the first of 20 new episodes for one of the network’s most-watched series.

In the premiere, Matt Roloff, a dwarf, business owner and father of four children, travels to Iraq to help a family with three dwarf children in desperate need of medical attention, network officials said Tuesday.

“The opportunity to help this family in Iraq was both humbling and exciting, especially seeing firsthand what our troops are going through. It's awe-inspiring,” Roloff said in a statement. “Even after all I've accomplished in my life, this experience has reminded me that we all face challenges—some more extreme than others—and we need to take every chance we have to make an impact in the world around us."

The entire Roloff family will be involved in life-changing experiences this season. Matt returns from Iraq with big plans for the farm as the twins—Jeremy and Zach—prepare to graduate from high school. Daughter Molly is cramming for her drivers’ license and youngest son Jacob hits the field as his focus on soccer grows. Mom Amy learns to let go—she realizes the kids are growing up and she needs to focus on herself, too. The house continues to undergo an extensive renovation, and the family heads to Florida for a much-needed vacation.

Little People, Big World will continue to share the big surprises and little moments that make the series one of the most engaging and addictive on TV today,” Eileen O’Neill, president of TLC, said in a statement. “The series helps remind us of all we share in common, despite any differences we might have.”

The series is produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse and Joseph Freed. Co-executive producers are Nicholas Caprio and Jeff Weaver.