Live, Its Midnight Madness on VH1

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Looking to snatch viewers away for a minute from Jay Leno
and David Letterman, VH1 is launching a new series this month, Midnight Minute,
which will kick off with an exclusive airing of songs from Alanis Morissette's new album.

Starting Oct. 28, at the stroke of midnight each night, a
different musician will have 60 seconds to perform a song in taped segments on VH1,
according to executive producer Bill Flanagan.

The first 10 Midnight Minutes will feature excerpts
of 10 songs from Morissette's sophomore album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.
Morissette worked with VH1 to create 10 separate mini-films, which will mark the broadcast
debut -- on both television and radio -- of her new album, which is due in stores in early

"Our feeling is that surely, people will try something
for 60 seconds," Flanagan said. "This is not designed to get a rating. You can't
get a rating in 60 seconds."

He is betting that viewers will flip from Leno's and
Letterman's late-night shows during commercials to check out the one-minute song each
night on VH1.

VH1 will continue to air a different minute each night
until the end of the year, when the network will then determine whether to continue the
series, Flanagan said.

In addition to known artists such as Morissette, new
performers and music that seldom gets airplay on TV, such as jazz and blues, will be
featured on Midnight Minute, according to Flanagan.

Some of the artists scheduled to appear on the show are
Lyle Lovett, Freedie Johnston, Duncan Shiek, Sixpence None the Richer, Rent star
Idina Menzel and Steve Fromholz, the latter singing his ballad, "I Gave Her a Ring,
She Gave Me the Finger."