Living Outdoors While Staying Home


Sometimes outdoor programming can take viewers to the most exotic places on earth, from mountain tops to jungle
rivers. Sometimes, however, viewers prefer to stay closer
to home — like their backyard.

That’s why Scripps Networks Interactive-owned DIY and
HGTV offer their own take on the burgeoning field of “outdoors”
programming, building a spring lineup around taking
viewers right outside their doors. As the network’s research
shows that 89% of their viewers do their own landscaping and
gardening, this seems to be a logical move.

“This has been evolving over time, but this spring we are
doing outdoor programming in a bigger way than we ever have,”
senior vice president Kathleen Finch said. “The ratings and our
research show this is what viewers want.”

DIY offers makeover shows like Yardcore and Desperate
, as well as as competition series Turf War, in which
neighbors battle to create the best yard. “It’s informative but
there’s also a whole lot of testosterone,” Finch says.

HGTV also blends entertainment with its information — the
landscaping show Going Yard is hosted by Chris Lambton, a
landscaper who also happens to be a former runner-up on
ABC’s The Bachelorette (and who is engaged to a former contestant
on The Bachelor).

My Yard Goes Disney is exactly what it sounds like: the network
brings in folks from Disney to go wild in redesigning someone’s
backyard. Finch says that one is different from a standard
HGTV or DIY show in that they don’t expect viewers to emulate
the additions. “That is totally impractical, but it is one of the
most entertaining shows.” she said.