LMN, NGC Top Emerging Nets


Lifetime Movie Network and National Geographic Channel received the highest
grades among satellite consumers in the latest survey from Beta Research

NGC took the top spot among emerging networks with satellite subscribers in
terms of enjoyment and viewer satisfaction, while LMN ranked first relative to
viewer value, according to the '2001 Beta Satellite Dish Subscriber Study.'

The results were derived from 600 telephone interviews conducted in April
with a national sample of DirecTV Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp.

The study measured 56 basic-cable networks that are available as part of
DirecTV's 'Total Choice' and Dish Network's 'Top 40' and 'Top 100' packages,
including 29 major networks (65 million or more subscribers), 11 midsized
channels (30 million to 64 million) and 16 emerging networks (fewer than 30
million homes). The survey included NGC, LMN and Noggin for the first time.

Among emerging networks, NGC, with a 39 percent response rate, led the way
among those asked to grade a service's importance to satellite television
overall. LMN was second with 33 percent, followed by ESPNews and Fox Movie
Channel at 24 percent apiece and Discovery Health Channel and Toon Disney, which
each scored at a 22 percent clip.

Relative to customer satisfaction, NGC set the pace with 60 percent of
respondents indicating that they were 'very satisfied' with the service, nipping
Toon Disney's 59 percent. ESPNews and LMN were next with 56 percent, while
Discovery Health and Noggin netted 49 percent and 47 percent of the respondent's
votes, respectively, according to the Beta survey.

As for perceived value among viewers, LMN was the top emerging network, with
respondents ascribing a $1.36-per-month amount to the Lifetime Television
spinoff. Toon Disney and NGC were second and third, respectively, at $1.33 and
$1.21. Fox Sports Net, at $1.09, and Discovery Health and ESPNews, at $1.03
apiece, rounded out the top five.