Local News: Ohio City Won't Increase TWC Franchise Fee


The city council in Newark, Ohio, declined a chance to raise Time Warner Cable's 3% franchise fee to 5% of gross revenue, saying it feared rates would go up for local customers.

Newarkadvocate.com reported the increase would have meant $200,000 in additional revenue to the city, but the council voted it down by a vote of 7-3, with all six Republicans voting against.

A councilwoman who proposed the increase said Newark was the only city in central Ohio not charging the full 5% fee allowed under state law.

The web site, the online arm of the local Gannett newspaper, quoted Republican Councilman Doug Marmie as saying: "I'm not in favor of an increased tax on residents with cable television. It is a tax, and it makes it more costly for residents to live inside the city of Newark."