Logo Goes Broadway With Amex Marketing Initiative


Logo is making its first marketing play on the Great White Way via a deal with American Express.

Logo is bringing Billy Elliot the Musical, opening this fall, front and center to its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audience and American Express cardmembers through an exclusive marketing campaign.

The network has built a custom Billy Elliot the Musicalpage at LOGOonline.com that provide special content about the musical and showcases the exclusive early access ticket offer to AMEX cardholders.

American Express is the sole sponsor of a single commercial break during the Billy Elliot movie when it airs Logo. “A Logo Look at Billy Elliot” interstitial, which includes a sneak peek at the musical, including an interview with Elton John, run during this break. 

“This special promotion proves that being both a Logo viewer and an American Express Cardmember means getting access to the very best in entertainment for the LGBT audience,” said Logo executive vice president, general manager Lisa Sherman in a statement. “By reaching out to this audience, American Express is appealing to some of the most avid Broadway fans who want the benefits American Express can provide.”

Noted American Express director of U.S. media and sponsorships: “At American Express, we are committed to bringing engaging experiences to people who are passionate about entertainment. Through this unique media partnership with Logo we are not only delivering exclusive content tailor-made for Logo audiences, but also highlighting the ongoing exclusive access we provide for cardmembers who love Broadway.”