LRG: More Narrowband ISP Churn


Leichtman Research Group Inc. reported that narrowband and dial-up Internet
subscribers are three times more likely to switch Internet-service providers
than broadband providers.

And 27 percent of current narrowband subscribers are interested in getting
broadband, especially if the price is $30 per month.

Those were among recent findings in a 1,250-household survey by LRG, which
found that 17 percent of narrowband subscribers professed an interest in
switching ISPs in the next six months, versus 6 percent for broadband.

"While narrowband subscribers will remain the majority of online users for
the next few years, narrowband ISPs are faced with the challenge of retaining
subscribers who might want to upgrade to broadband or downgrade to lower-cost
narrowband alternatives," LRG president Bruce Leichtman said.