Lucky 13: AWS-3 Auction Pushes Past $12 Billion

At Least One Reserve Price Likely Close to Being Met

With $12,259,404,600 bid after 13 rounds, the FCC's auction of 65 MHz of advanced wireless services spectrum has already pushed past the total reserve price of $10.587 billion--though there are two separate reserves--and announcement of its successful meeting of the largest reserve price could come as early as today.

It is not clear whether that $12 billion-plus total means both tranches of spectrum have exceeded the reserve--which is unlikely--or just one has been met, or will be met by the end of the next round later today. That is because the 1695-1710 MHz license reserve is $580 million, while the paired 1755-1780 MHz/2155-2180 MHz licenses reserve is $10.07 billion.

The FCC had made no announcement at press time, so it may be that it is close on the $10.07 billion reserve but not there yet. The caveat is that the bidding totals provided by the FCC are gross amounts that don't include bidding credits, which could reduce the actual take, perhaps even enough to leave the reserve result still in doubt, even given the gross total.

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