Lucky 7 for RCN?


RCN Corp. is upping the high-speed-data ante to 7 megabits per second.

The MSO said Tuesday that it will launch its “MegaModem Mach 7” service by the end of August, bringing its high-speed-data rate to 7 mbps downstream.

“MegaModem Mach 5” subscribers who currently reach 5 mbps downstream will automatically be upgraded to MegaModem Mach 7, and “MegaModem Mach 3” customers (3 mbps) will be bumped up to 5 mbps.

“MegaModem Mach 7 is more than twice as fast as other cable-modem services and more than four times faster than the leading DSL [digital-subscriber-line] services," RCN senior vice president of product and marketing Rick Rioboli said in a prepared statement.