MAB International to Shut Down


The Multichannel Advertising Bureau International (MAB)
will shut down next month, with managing director Connie Pettit leaving for a post at an
Internet start-up.

The trade group, an arm of the Cabletelevision Advertising
Bureau, promotes advertising on international cable and satellite channels.

"We did a lot of missionary work in the field,"
Pettit said, "but we did continue to hear that a lot of work needed to be done

The MAB will disband Feb. 14. Its 20 members -- including
programmers, audience-measurement companies and cable operators -- will handle activities
either on their own or though regional trade groups such as the Television Association of
Programmers Latin America (TAP) or Asia's CASBAA (Cable & Satellite Broadcasting
Association of Asia).

Pettit, who's well-known in the international pay TV
industry, said the group felt that it had "completed its mission," and that the
disbanding and her departure were "coincidental." In 1998, Pettit had left her
post at the MAB, but she was soon lured back to the organization.

But an executive at one MAB member company said he felt
that "there's still a lot to be done." He noted that the MAB served as an
"objective third party" in explaining the international multichannel-advertising
market to U.S.-based advertisers and agencies, and that it may be more difficult for
member companies to make such headway on their own.

Pettit declined to identify the Internet company where she
will work as vice president of international activities. She'll start the new job
Feb. 21.

Since its founding in 1996, the MAB has pushed for
advertisers to devote more of their budgets to international pay TV. It also launched an
annual report on international pay TV advertising revenue in partnership with
PricewaterhouseCoopers, and it brought tools to measure advertising efficiency into
foreign markets.