Machinima Changes Channels

Says new lineup of channels and shows will boost core mission to reach fandom and gamer culture
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Machinima said it has revamped its programming lineup in a way that will tie in better with its core mission to reach fandom and gamer culture.

Machinima said the changes are coming to several of its OTT channels across social video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, alongside the the debut of some new channels.

Among the changes, Machinima Prime is being relaunched as Primr, with the “repositioning” of Machinima ETC and Machinima’s Main channel -- Main, for example, is shifting back to its “gaming-centric roots,” the digital programmer said, noting that the changes were implemented by Jason Dimberg, Machinima’s new SVP, programming and editor-in-chief.

The shift also comes as Machinima expands its reach via deals with Sky in the U.K./Ireland and with Amazon. Machinima also sells an SVOD service on an a la carte basis via PlayStation Vue and as part of Vue’s “Elite” multichannel package.

“Machinima has always been synonymous with gaming and fandom, but those are very broad categories. Our channels have not previously defined what segments of gaming and fandom their programming focuses on,” Dimberg, said in a statement. “With this revamp, we are looking to increase the touchpoints we have with our audience across our social programming channels.  The overall goal is to properly set viewer expectation with the brands/channels we support and then deliver on them.”

Here’s a breakdown of the new channel lineup:

-Primr: Launches today with a channel focused on “geek-centric, live action entertainment,” and the debut of  three new shows: This Week In Geek (Mondays); Dank/Fire (a sketch comedy show that runs on Wednesdays); and Spacebar (a roundtable on gamer and geek culture that airs Fridays).

-Machinima: This flagship channel features shows such as BFFs, Sanity Not Included, and Inside Gaming, and will be moving toward a heavier rotation of game-driven news and entertainment, including more gaming “mash-ups.”

·ETC: Machinima’s Entertainment, Tech and Culture channel will become a hub of its own and will no longer be programming to Machinima Main.

Channels on tap to relaunch later in 2017 or next year include SpawnPoint, a channel former Respawn that will feature new creators in Machinima’s talent network; and Machinima VS, featuring coverage of competitive gaming and eSports;

Watch a trailer for Primr: