A Mag Rack in Every Room?


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.’s Mag Rack is now available in hotel rooms served by On Command Corp., Mag Rack said at the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing’s Digital and Broadband Conference in Los Angeles.

Since February, more than 300,000 hotel rooms have had access to Mag Rack's five most popular niche video-on-demand services: "Classic Cars," "Motorcycle Freedom," "Your Next Car," "Yoga Retreat" and "Personal Trainer."

"Many hotel guests are accustomed to in-room VOD services, and the availability of Mag Rack's original programs will show them that VOD means much more than just movies," Mag Rack vice president of alternate technologies Mark Romano said in a prepared statement.

Added On Command chief marketing officer Tad Walden, "Mag Rack offers programs and instructional videos that simply cannot be found anywhere else, and hotel visitors are certain to find them both informative and entertaining."