Mag Rack Won't Leave Home Without It


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. and American Express Publishing have formed an
editorial, marketing and advertising alliance to jointly develop and market new
video-on-demand content for Mag Rack.

Initially, Rainbow will tap the content, voice and editors of American
Express Publishing's Food & Wine Magazine and T&L Golf
magazine for segments within Mag Rack's 'Better Golf Clubs' and 'Wine World'
programming, as well as for a cooking vehicle still in development.

Mag Rack is currently available on Rainbow parent Cablevision Systems Corp.'s
'iO: Interactive Optimum' digital service, and it is being marketed to other

The two companies will also implement co-branding and cross-promotional
initiatives. For example, Mag Rack will promote the magazines through video
spots at the end of its programming. Working with cable operators, Mag Rack will
offer magazine-promotion and subscription-incentive offers to its users.

Moreover, American Express Publishing's magazines will provide a schedule of
advertising placements for Mag Rack in their publications, helping to promote
the Mag Rack brand as a TV-viewing experience to their readers every