Making the Direct Pitch Digitally


Direct digital marketing is
simple. It extends the addressability of
traditional direct marketing to the digital
channels of e-mail, mobile and Web.

Digital addressability is the foundation
of the three core direct digital marketing

• E-mail communications to customers
and prospects within the
serviceable footprint.

• Text messaging, along
with apps, mobile-optimized
e-mail and mobile Web experiences.

• Targeted Web content
within a website, customer
portal or landing page.
Each of these channels provide
enormous opportunities
beyond traditional direct marketing,
including speed-tomarket,
personalized content,
automation and measurability.
Why is direct digital marketing
important to MSOs?

At the 2009 CTAM Summit, Jerry Dow,
Suddenlink Communications’ chief marketing
and sales officer, provided a unique
perspective for MSOs . To paraphrase Jerry’s
insight, “As MSOs, we are blessed with advantages
including multiple product offerings,
ongoing business relationships with
our customers and great customer data.”

Direct digital marketing is central to
capitalizing on three opportunities:

• MSOs have accessible, actionable
data that marketers covet.

• Direct-response messaging complements
marketing and care communications
in other channels.

• Since MSOs are technology leaders,
they can provide the high-value digital
interaction consumers already expect
from the valued brands in their lives.

Direct digital marketing can drive exceptionally
productive and positive interactions
with customers and prospects,
support marketing objectives, reduce
churn, establish foundations for loyalty and
guide customers through key stages of the
customer-provider lifecycle.

MSOs can take advantage of direct digital
marketing in three ways:
• Aggregate customer attributes and
activity data to create a data mart.

• Coordinate communications objectives
across channels and departments.

• Create consistent, consumer-centric
experiences at every touch point.

Let’s look at a scenario where direct digital
marketing, when planned and managed
holistically, drives compelling
customer experiences and
profitable relationships.

MSOs understand the interactions
and events that shape
successful long-term customer
relationships, but often neglect
proactive communications
that nurture new relationships.
With a focus on key event and
activity indicators, MSOs can
efficiently automate high-value
digital interactions to shape
the relationship at each step in
this lifecycle.

Some examples:

• Send pre-installation email
messages confirming
order details and installation appointments.
Customers can opt-in to receive a
text-message reminder that day.

• Send e-mails immediately following
the installation that extend a warm welcome
to the new customer, provide access
to customer support and give details on getting
the most value from new services.

• Days after the installation, automated
e-mail surveys can help MSOs understand
customers’ early impressions. The
data allows MSOs to segment and respond
to subscribers with e-mail and
targeted Web content.

• Ongoing messaging triggered by predefined events and activities can help migrate
customers to the critical milestones
that shape an MSO’s best relationships.

What’s common to these examples?
Seamless, relevant, consumer-focused
messaging that is efficiently managed. All
marketers need to do is harness available
data attributes and apply direct digital marketing
intelligence holistically across multiple
channels and departments.

Bryce Marshall is the director of strategic
services for Knotice.