Marcus Net Loss Rises


Dallas --Marcus Cable said last week that its net
loss rose to $109.2 million in 1997 from $100.1 million the year before. Revenues rose 10
percent, to $479.3 million, and cable-system cash flow rose 13 percent, to $230.4 million.

Marcus, which recently announced that one of its investors,
Goldman Sachs & Co., is leading an effort to explore strategic alternatives for the
company, has been spending around $200 million per year on capital expenditures as it
upgrades its systems to 750 megahertz with activated two-way plant. That spending should
be reduced sharply after 1999, though, chairman Jeffrey Marcus said at a Kagan Seminars
Inc. conference in New York last week.

Marcus added 51,000 basic customers last year, but only
15,000 through internal growth, for an annualized rate of 1.5 percent. Marcus said the
internal growth rate was 2 percent through the third quarter, but it fell off after that
because the MSO halted some marketing activities and changed its billing system in several
large markets.