Mark Cuban Backs AT&T/DirecTV Merger

Expects It Will Mean Expanded Carriage For His Content
ATT-DirecTV logos 450x345_6.jpg

Mark Cuban has given the proposed AT&T/DirecTV deal a big thumbs up.

In a filing with the FCC earlier this month, Cuban, chairman of AXS TV and founder of HDnet, said that he expected the combined company would expand opportunities for his companies’ content on new platforms. DirecTV has been carrying HDnet for the past decade.

Cuban's companies also include the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Magnolia Productions and 2929 Productions.

Cuban says the merger would offer “an expanded high-speed broadband footprint enabling edge providers new means of reaching consumers with OTT services over a variety of platforms."

He said he “strongly supports” the merger and urged the FCC top move expeditiously to approve it.