Markey: CRA Nullifying Net Neutrality Rollback to Get Vote

Senator says he has picked up sufficient co-sponsors

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) says he has gotten the 30 co-signers (that number had been upped to 37 by day's end) he needs to force the Republican-controlled congress to vote on a Democratic effort to nullify the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom order.

FCC Republicans voted Dec. 14 to roll back Title II classification of ISPs and repeal regs against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

Markey and company are trying to use the same legislative device Republicans used successfully to roll back some Obama-era regs, including the FCC's added broadband privacy regs under the previous chairman, Tom Wheeler, against the Republican 'net rule rollback under current Chairman Ajit Pai.

Backing the CRA move are Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, and Free Press Action Fund, which launched an internet campaign to pressure Congress into passing the CRA.

But getting the 30 Dems (actually 29 plus Sen. Bernie Sanders [I-Vt.) who caucuses with the Dems) to force a vote, and all the Dems plus a couple of Republicans, to vote to nullify the decision are quite different things. Nonetheless, Markey was calling a it a big step in the right direction.

A big step toward restoring a free and open Internet: with the support of @clairecmc, we now have the 30 votes we need to force a vote on my CRA to reverse the repeal of #NetNeutrality!

— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) January 8, 2018