Martin Aide Joining Rove's Staff


A press and governmental-relations aide to Republican Federal Communications
Commission member Kevin Martin is leaving to join the White House staff of Karl
Rove, considered President Bush's top political adviser.

In a statement late Friday, Martin announced that Emily Willeford, his
special assistant for legislative and public affairs since November 2001, was
departing to join the White House staff, although the statement was not specific
about where on the staff. A Martin aide later confirmed that Willeford would be
working for Rove.

"Since joining my staff nearly two years ago, Emily has been my point person
for intergovernmental and industry relations, as well as my liaison on press
matters. I thank her profoundly for her wise counsel and hard work," Martin

Last December, Vice President Richard Cheney named Martin's wife, Catherine,
as his assistant for public affairs, replacing former cable news personality
Mary Matalin, who resigned.