Massillon's Backup Plan

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The Challenge: Finding a product that will help consumers effectively back up computer data, such as music and photo files, which can bog down hard drives.

The Solution: For Massillon Cable TV, the solution came from contracting with Carbonite, a Boston-based firm which began commercially offering online backup services in May 2006. The firm targets residential and small-business users for its back-up services. Olbex Solutions of Denver, Carbonite's authorized representative to the U.S. broadband market, brokered the deal. Massillon serves 45,000 homes in Ohio, offering a triple-play bundle of services.

The program installs with just a few clicks and runs in the background, continuously backing up files whenever the computer is connected to the Internet. The product uses the same encryption technology that banks use.

The Result: Massillon can provide a service that differentiates it from competitive providers, enhancing customer retention. If the cable operator is storing their data, customers won't want to go through another backup with a different vendor, said Carbonite CEO David Friend. His company has already backed up more than 1 billion files at its data center from users in 100 countries.