Matsushita Adds OpenTV to German Boxes


Japan-based consumer-electronics giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Ltd. said Thursday that it will add OpenTV Corp.'s Web browser into
next-generation digital set-tops tagged for the German market.

Outside of Japan, Matsushita products carry the Panasonic brand.

Specifically, Matsushita's set-tops will house OpenTV's 'Device Mosaic'
HyperText Markup Language player, which handles applications such as Web
browsing and electronic mail, in its 'F.U.N.' (Free Universe Network)

Matsushita said it will market the boxes directly to German consumers. Those
set-tops provide access to more than 300 'free-to-air' digital channels, the
company added.

OpenTV's TV browser supports a variety of Internet standards, including HTML
4.0, JavaScript 1.4 and ATVEF 1.1.

Separately, OpenTV said it has finished developing a Multimedia Home Platform
extension for its advanced interactive-TV software platform.

MHP -- a standard defined by the Digital Video Broadcasting project group --
is an application-programming interface for games, personal video recorders and
other enhanced-television applications.