May, Dolgen Added to Charter Board


Charter Communications Inc. said Friday that it has named two new members to its board of directors, HealthSouth Corp. chairman Robert May and former Viacom Inc. executive Jonathan Dolgen.

Dolgen, who served as chairman of Viacom Entertainment Group, currently serves as a senior advisor to the company.

Prior to joining HealthSouth, May was a principal of private investing-consulting firm RPM Systems, and he served as chief operating officer of Cablevision Systems Corp. from 1996-98.

The additions raise to 11 the number of Charter class-B directors.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Charter said it has amended its bylaws to provide that the total number of directors would be fixed as 12 -- 11 elected by class-B shareholders and one by class-A and B shareholders voting as a group.

Charter said it plans to have May fill the vacant seat elected by its class-A and B shareholders. Chairman Paul Allen is Charter’s sole class-B shareholder, and he owns 52% of Charter’s equity and 93% of its vote.