Mayors Join Wisdom's Sept. 11 Special

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Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy is scheduled to participate in Wisdom
Television's six-hour live special recognizing the Sept. 11 tragedy.

Murphy is slated to do a phone interview sometime Wednesday afternoon as part
of Wisdom's 9.11.02: From the Ground Up Hosted by Caroline Myss.

Myss, the best-selling author (Why People Don't Healand How They
, Anatomy of the Spirit) and lecturer, and Bill Ayres, a longtime
voice of WPLJ radio in New York, will host live roundtable discussions with
experts, survivors, witnesses and celebrities.

AT&T Broadband executive director of communications for Pittsburgh Dan
Garfinkel said Murphy will speak with the Wisdom hosts sometime in the

That conversation emanates from efforts over the past few weeks by Garfinkel
and Murphy's press secretary. They have been trying to coordinate a scheduling
opportunity that date for Murphy, who will be attending a number of memorial
events Sept. 11. United Flight 93 crashed near Pittsburgh on that fateful day
last year.

Another mayor, Chicago's Richard Daly, will also be part of Wisdom's
coverage, as he recently shot a taped message

Wisdom officials said AT&T Broadband, in the Greater Chicago market, had
also facilitated Daley's contribution to the program.

In July, AT&T Broadband began rolling out the spiritual programmer on its
digital package in 14 markets.