Mayweather in His Own Words

Undefeated Boxer Looks Back as He Moves Forward

Undefeated multidivisional boxing champion and undisputed pay-per-view champ Floyd Mayweather answered a few questions via email (posed by Multichannel News programming editor R. Thomas Umstead) about his legendary boxing career, as well as his enduring popularity both inside and outside the ring.

MCN: Congratulations on becoming the first-ever Multichannel News male Athlete of the Year.

Floyd Mayweather: Thank you. I’m honored.

MCN: You have transcended boxing to become a multimedia, multiplatform star. What’s the secret to your popularity both inside and outside the ring?

FM: It is no secret that I retired undefeated, The Best Ever (TBE) to lace up the gloves. I worked hard throughout my whole career to not only be the best in the ring but also maximize my potential outside of the ring, too. I always say hard work and dedication, and that is what it took to become the multimedia, multiplatform star during my career.

MCN: How important is it for you to be known as the biggest pay-per-view draw of all time?

FM: It is very important. It is my legacy. No one can touch the numbers we put up. Millions and millions of people spent their hard-earned money to watch me fight over the years and that means everything to me. Without the fans, none of this could have been possible.

MCN: What role has social media played in your popularity, and why is it important for you personally to be as active as you are in talking to your fans on social media platforms?

FM: I also live a fortunate, fun life that I like to show my fans on all of my social-media channels such as Shots, Instagram and my Facebook page. It helps to have your own company too, which for me is TMT and Mayweather Promotions, and both of those are very active on social media as well. All of us working together makes it fun for the fans because they feel like they are a part of my life and lifestyle.

MCN: What, if anything, would it take for you to come out of retirement and pursue your landmark 50th win?

FM: Nothing. I’ve retired to make room for the young fighters making a name in the sport. Many of them are in the Mayweather Promotions stable. I’m committed to developing the boxing talent and others in the sports and entertainment industry.