McDowell Has Emergency Surgery


Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Robert McDowell underwent emergency gall bladder surgery over the weekend, according to his office.

"His spirits are good while he is recovering at home with his family. He expects to be working at full speed back in the office in a few days," said spokeswoman Brigid Calamis.

McDowell went to the emergency room Friday night (May 7) and had surgery Saturday morning, said an aide.

McDowell, senior Republican on the commission, has been at the FCC since 2006. He was reappointed and confirmed in June 2009, the first Republican appointed to an independent agency by President Barack Obama, according to McDowell's office.
McDowell's office was busy rescheduling back-to-back meetings that had been planned for Monday, while one aide said McDowell was frustrated at not being able to drive and was doing a lot of e-mailing.

An aide says McDowell will have to cancel his appearance at the NCTA on Wednesday. He had been scheduled to appear with former FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, now head of the USDA's Rural Utilities Service,at a May 12 public policy roundtable in L.A. He will instead be resting at home for the balance of the week.
His office will be represented at the show by media legal adviser Rosemary Harold and policy director and wireline counsel Christine Kurth.